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  1. This Tenant, failed to pay me 3 months rent and left me with over £2k of property damage, so the likelihood of them paying me this £240 is very unlikely... The tenant that just keeps on giving, still paying her debts nearly a year after I got her out of my house....
  2. I've received a demand and been threatened with court (£240), apparently they were called to secure a property I let out over a year ago. This is daylight robbery endorsed by the police, no one will tell me anything about the incident or the damage that was caused or repaired, but I have to pay a bill, as I'm the legal property owner, this is a total disgrace. Not only that GDPR clearly doesn't apply to the Land registry as they gave these parasites my home address for them to contact me at... So I now have to pay for something I have no idea or clue about, the police refuse to give
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