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  1. I'm new to looking at property as a future way of investing but I've recently read a lot of books, been listening to the podcast, taken a course for goal setting and now I'm excited to get going on it all. I'm now fairly confident of where I want to be by what age and how I might get there in the long run but I need to get the initial save of money to be able to invest in my first property which at the moment may take 12-18 months. My question is for anyone that has any advice on what I can do in the mean-time whilst I do save up as well as carrying on learning where I can through more b
  2. This might seem like a silly question to ask but my thoughts behind me renting instead of buying my own home to live in are based on that I can use my deposit that would buy me a house that I would live in, making me no money and use that money instead for investing in a property that will make me money whilst I live somewhere I didn't have to put down a large deposit for? I'm very much a newborn to the property game and I've been reading and learning what I can from other forums and Robs books. I'm still living at my parents whilst I save and plan out my goals (I'm only 22). For the shor
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