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  1. I will not say I messed up although I have used the phrase in my opening comment . The packs kept changing and that is where I missed it. The truth of the matter is that the auction market urgently need regulation as it is evident that auction platforms are conspiring with rogue solicitors to rip people off . The fact that you write whatever you like in a contract to favor you the seller does not mean it cannot be challenged under "unfair terms of contract" My loose is around 4k and i have read where people have lost over £20,000 to rouge solicitors and auction platforms. "On
  2. Hello, i need a solicitor who can help regarding an auction purchase. pls can you read my other post for more details.
  3. My little advise, don't think or be tempted to buy from auctions . It is a murky world out there. If you must buy from auction make you seek legal help. Goodluck
  4. Hello All Please be very careful when buying from Barnard Marcus Auction .I missed a line in their rouge special condition. This is day light robbery and I am paying just £3000 for the land that is infact i recently discovered worth nothing and may never worth anything . Auctioner fee £1150 (paid) 10% deposit or £3000 (paid) Search fee =£650 +vat legal fee =£3000 So basically they want us to buy a land worth £3000 and pay legal fees of £4650 plus auctioner fee of £1150 make a total fee of £5800 to buy a land worth £3000. This is fraud and day light ro
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