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  1. Hi there @joemort Welcome to the Property Hub Forum! Congrats on your previous successful BTLs. With regards to the competitiveness of the market at the moment, we're definitely seeing lots of people comment on the same thing. But as you've said, this competition has resulted in people paying potentially far too much for a property - according to recent research more than half the people who've purchased a property in the last year think they've paid too much for it. Keeping an eye on properties going up for auction is a good shout. Are you tied to a particular area for this ne
  2. We're happy to have you on the forum @kats! There's loads to read on the forum, and we've got LOTS of free education courses on the Property Hub website as well. This course, 'Which Strategy is Right for You?', is a great place to get started; https://propertyhub.net/course/which-property-strategy-is-right-for-you/
  3. Welcome to the forum @Khris_North Always exciting to hear from someone who's taken their love of The Property Podcast to the next level I've seen your post in the Critique My Deal message board, and if you've got any other questions we're all ears! Mark
  4. According to new research, the gender gap in property investment is getting closer to ending - as women now make up 48% of BTL investors in the UK; https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/buytolet/article-9781295/Women-make-half-UK-landlords-Heres-started-buy-let.html Our Rob D was asked to comment, and said that it was very encouraging to see - but also reiterated that there should be no reason why property investment would appeal more to men than women. Hopefully this trend continues! What are your thoughts on this news?
  5. According to new research by Aviva, more than 50% of people who bought a property in the last year say they regret how much they paid; https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/14/half-of-people-who-bought-a-home-in-lockdown-regret-the-price-they-paid-14925754/ The research comes off the back of a tough year for potential house-buyers. Faced with unprecedented demand and a seeming reduction in supply, thousands were forced to act quicker than they'd have liked if they wanted to secure a property. Other interesting stats from the survey showed that around 92% of pandemic buyers noticed problems in
  6. Hi @nicoles Thanks for letting us know a bit more about yourself and your property plan! I think figuring out how best to grow your portfolio is a slightly different question from how best to save up for your first deposit. Rob & Rob have done a great video with the 6 best ways to save for your first investment; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXF0180YvX8&list=PLr8ktrqqQCghY7OAL1pURpFuAwSuQIa_7&index=10 Then growing your portfolio is something we've written about loads at Property Hub as well. There's also free webinars we hold which cover how best to grow you
  7. Welcome to the forum @steve_odai! Intrigued in your preference with Rent-to-Rent, is there any particular reason you're drawn to this strategy?
  8. Hi there @h-t Congrats on your upcoming rental property! Gathered a few resources for you that I think will help; Choosing the right estate agent; https://propertyhub.net/how-to-choose-a-letting-agent/ Maximising returns; https://propertyhub.net/podcast/tpp084-maximise-rents/ Landlord/Tenant etiquette / Landlord rights; https://propertyhub.net/how-to-protect-yourself-from-problem-tenants/ I'm sure our other Hubbers will be able to fill the gaps in my suggestions
  9. Hi @stuart_w84 Big welcome to the forum! And thanks so much for letting us know so much about your journey with property so far. It's interesting to hear from someone who's had actual experience with the winner's curse - wondering what your opinions are on the return of the 95% mortgages?
  10. Hi there @chris_archer Thanks so much for sharing your story with the forum - and welcome Have you got your eyes on a particular area in Northern Ireland? You've probably already considered Belfast, but it's one of Rob & Rob's 2021 Hotspots for btl, so worth a look if you've not considered it yet.
  11. Welcome to the forum @gmk - glad to have you as a Hubber! Is there a particular area you're considering investing in?
  12. You're welcome @jamesjg! In terms of narrowing down your city, have you watched the Robs' video on the top BTL Hotspots for 2021? They run through areas in the UK that are looking poised for great things, that would be a good place to start
  13. You might've seen in the news earlier this week that the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said he's in no rush to stop employees working from home. He went on to say that the empty office blocks that result from this move could possibly be converted into new homes, and go some way to helping the government meet its housing objectives. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9759839/Businesses-demand-urgent-clarity-Boris-reopen-offices.html Needless to say, I think the simplicity of this announcement does a lot to cover over the difficulties of successfully pulling something like thi
  14. Hi there @jamesjg - welcome to the forum! Thanks for letting us know a bit about yourself as well, that'll definitely help with the advice our Hubbers can give I don't have all the answers, but just wanted to share some thoughts on your questions; 1. It depends on whether you want long term or short term payoff for your first property! I think the passive income of a vanilla BTL will probably serve you better as your first investment. The process of buying one of these should (in theory) be a bit easier than trying to find a BMV property to flip. 2. Your partner isn't wron
  15. Welcome to the forum @qumapuha! The researching process can be a really fun part of the journey, but it can be quite overwhelming, so just try not to bog yourself down in too much information! Looking forward to hearing which strategy you're drawn to Mark
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