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  1. Welcome to the forum @selenamorrissel! How are you getting on on your property journey?
  2. This all makes perfect sense to me @ginaw. The Robs covered flipping on an episode of The Property Podcast, which I'd suggest having a listen to; https://propertyhub.net/podcast/tpp076-flip-property/
  3. Hi @jay- Ha, analysis paralysis is definitely a real thing, and something most investors have experienced at one time or another! I think it's good that you're still reading books and immersing yourself in property knowledge while you're getting together the capital you need. But don't overwhelm yourself with too much information or research about different locations! Otherwise it can end up all looking very similiar. Have you decided which strategy you're best suited to doing once you begin investing? I think figuring that out should be a good step to take while you're get
  4. Hi @cam72 Derby is definitely a good location to be focussing on (we actually covered it in detail in a previous issue of Property Hub Magazine). Particular areas that are worth considering in Derby would be Nightingale Quarter, Castelward and Becketwell. I can't necessary help with agents, but i can help on question 3! It's not necessarily silly to focus on the city centre, but it depends on what kind of tenant you're hoping to get. Students are definitely going to be served in the city centre, but young professionals will be likely to search for flats in Castelward or Nig
  5. Hi @ginaw Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you here Starting off with flipping sounds like a good shout as this is one of the best strategies for accruing quick wealth, and then that wealth will open you up to more opportunities! HMOs can be quite a complex one to get right, would you ever consider doing BTLs first instead?
  6. Hi @sam higgi Another Hubber has kindly created a full list of all the resources of the week from the podcast, which you can read here; Let me know if this doesn't have the book you're after and I'll do some more digging
  7. Hi Aidan Welcome to the forum! Obviously you're experienced in the Liverpool market, but would you ever consider investing further afield?
  8. Hi there @adamellisuk Welcome to the Property Hub Forum! It's great to have you here, and thanks for giving such a detailed introduction too. One thing I wanted to ask is whether there's a specific reason you're choosing to invest through a LTD company? I've seen a lot of people opting to begin their portfolio through a LTD company recently and I'm just wondering if there's a reason behind it!
  9. Hometrack’s UK House Price Index was released earlier this week, and there were a few surprises for investors! Firstly, there’s not been the drop in demand that many (wrongly) predicted after the stamp duty break ended. The report also revealed that the annual rate of house price growth has risen to 6.1% - making the average UK house price now £235,000. Not necessarily too shocking given that we’re in the boom phase, but it’s always interesting to digest the Hometrack report to get a feel for what’s happening out there. https://www.hometrack.com/uk/insight/uk-house-pr
  10. According to research, 65% of landlords were 'flexible' with their tenants when it came to rent during the pandemic. I'm pleasantly surprised by this results - if you paid any attention to social media or headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking landlords were incredibly unsympathetic to their tenants' employment and financial situations during 2020. However, this research also found that 55% of those surveyed plan to raise rents in the next 12 months. https://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/landlords/majority-of-landlords-flexible-during-pandemic-but-will-raise-rents-in-next-12
  11. Homedit have carried out research to find the safest places to live in the UK. Their criteria was as follows; Crime rates Flood risks The number of buildings within a 2km radius of a fire station The number of buildings within a 2km radius of a hospital Streetlight maintenance Manchester came out on top, with Harlow and Wyre Forest deemed the least safe places to live. Check out the entire breakdown of the stats here; https://www.homedit.com/safest-areas-to-buy-home-uk/
  12. Time Out has released their list of the best cities in the world, and Manchester came in third! "The list, created by media brand Time Out, surveyed 27,000 people, looking at nightlife, restaurants, and cultural highlights. It also took into consideration the city's sense of community and its environmental initiatives, as well as its commitment to activism and general friendliness." I think if we needed any more proof that Manchester is going from strength to strength as a city, this is it. https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2021-09-09/manchester-named-third-best-city-in-the-
  13. According to recently released research, the area covered by London’s golf courses could be used to create homes for 300,000 people. There are 94 golf courses in the capital, almost half of which are owned by London boroughs or other public bodies. And now, there are some calls for a few of these publicly owned spaces to be used to help ease the housing crisis in London, or used more creatively to benefit Londoners, “[by becoming] allotments, biodiverse green space, sports facilities or even urban farms.” What do you think of this suggestion? How would you resp
  14. Hi @cate_w I've just sent you a direct message, if you could send me more details I'll look into this for you. Thanks Mark
  15. Hi @dory Not a bad problem to have! I personally would consider using the cash you've got to invest in more than one property using mortgages. This was, not all your eggs are in one basket, and you'll be able to get greater rental returns in the long run. This video from Rob & Rob sums it up in a bit more detail;
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