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  1. Hi Olena, Thankyou for the advise ! It’s great to know there are others in similar situations and the fact that you have managed to successfully start building your portfolio is great ! And also very encouraging for me! Thanks for the tips from your broker, that’s very interesting. And yes I can imagine at this current time it is indeed more challenging starting up. So you said you have a BTL in Liverpool, are you currently living around that area or are you still down in London ? If so, have you found it challenging at all having your BTL far from where you are livi
  2. Hi Mark, Thank you very much for the quick response! I will take a look at the podcast episode, I’m sure it will be very helpful ! Will let you know if any further questions ☺️ Dani
  3. Hello, I am a recent university graduate currently working full time as a process engineer. I've started with a decent wage, however I have goals of having multiple streams of income in order to gain financial freedom in the future. Plus I don't want to be an engineer forever, I just naively picked the degree when I was younger because I read on google that it paid well *face-palm*. I'm looking to get involved in property investment as one of my extra income streams and have been building up knowledge for a month or so with hopes to have enough knowledge and to have saved enough ca
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