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  1. Thanks for your suggestion @Mark Rocks. I'm an expat and this particular lender has the best rates therefore it's a trade off.
  2. Hi All looking for some advice here. I paid the reservation fee for a new build apartment. Completion will be in August. I am buying with a mortgage and the lender would like to send a valuer on-site, however the builder is refusing access even though there is a show apartment ready. When I questioned the builder as to why, they said that previously when they have allowed valuers access they have given the property a value of nil which then affected the buyer and the builder. Since then they have a policy not to allow valuers on site until the snagging stage. Wi
  3. Hi, just reviving this topic as the situation still remains the same. I am UK Citizen based in Dubai trying to purchase off plan properties in the UK with very little mortgage options available. Does anyone know of a good broker that has gone through the process previously?
  4. Any thoughts on this guys?
  5. Hi Quick tax related question. There are 2 of us who own a UK registered property investment company. One is a non UK resident and the other is a UK resident. When buying properties after 31st March 2021 will we be charged the additional 2% SDLT for foreign residents?
  6. Hi - did you get a solution to this. I am in the same position (based in Dubai) about to go through the process of setting a company up and also need a business bank account.
  7. Thanks Mark. I attended the live webinar last night and it was very informative. Will be going through the content that was shared after the webinar today.
  8. This is very impressive! Is it too cheeky to ask for a copy? I'm just starting my journey as a property investor and this looks like it will help immensely.
  9. Hi All, Firstly, thanks to the Property Hub team for making all of this great content available and facilitating this forum. I’m originally from the UK but currently live in Dubai. I have been interested in property but always lacked the focus to get the funds together to invest (other things always took priority), although I do have 2 buy-to-let properties in Birmingham that I bought about 12 years ago which are managed through an agent. I am currently working for a global organisation and have been for most of my 20+ year career, although I enjoy my career, one of the things
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