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    Stoke on Trent
  • Areas I invest in
    Midlands/North West
  • About me
    Currently working in medical sales and looking to invest in property. My plan is to flip property to increase capital and then build a rental portfolio via HMOs and single lets.
  • Property investment interests
    - Flips
    - HMOs
    - Single lets
    - Auction purchases
  • My skills
    Sales and negotiation
  • My goals
    To build a property portfolio to replace my income and to work in property full time
  • Interests outside property
    - Football
    -General fitness
    - Reading

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My name is Mo and I am based in the sunny city of Stoke on Trent! 🌞

I have been working in medical sales for the last 10 years. Working in this industry has been great fun. However, I feel now I want to move into something where I can replace my income and spend more time with my wife and two little girls. After helping a family member with their rental property (managing the property, vetting tenants, viewings etc) I felt this would be a good path to venture down (famous last words)!

I would like to increase my capital by flipping properties to then move onto the BRRR strategy and build my portfolio from there. 

Looking forward to speaking and sharing with everyone on the forum 🙂


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