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  1. Thanks Adam, I think I am going round in circles really with the best thing to do. As we both have kept our incomes low trying to build our businesses a residential mortgage will be impossible to obtain for what property costs in the area (or even anywhere close!). I like the idea of recycling the money through BRRR and giving us an oppertunity to hedge our incomes with rental yeild, but perhaps a straightforward flip would be better to increase the pot for a personal home.
  2. Hi guys, Myself and my partner have around £60k to invest (savings/inheritance) and would like to go down the BRR route to put that money to work. We have heard obtaining a BTL mortgage will be difficult if we do not own our own home? I do not want to sink the money and not be able to recycle the majority back out for another investment. Is it sensible to be looking at BRR instead of a home for us? We live/work in SW London, are both Ltd co directors and rent a good place for below market value. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I was with Natwest for years (own a bike shop) and was invited to switch to Starling via the RBS Business Banking Switch Initiative. All I can say is it's night and day different, Natwest and high street banks seem to be stuck in the stoneage. Downsides - Online chat can take a while to get through for help and payments into 'Spaces' (seperates spots to put aside for VAT etc) do not show on your statement so it's more difficult to reconcile.
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