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  1. Dennis, The potential savings for gas are not really significant on such a small property. This is simply the reason I don't use them myself. A good quality electric central heating is set and forget, allows individual zoned control and discourages tenants to dry their clothes on the radiators, creating damp in the property. Julia, good point. I did check up on my exiting EPC and adding solar actually neglects the penalty for electric heating. Its a bit more expensive than a boiler, but not as much I thought. Plus I would feel much better knowing some of the generation would offset t
  2. Hi Everyone. I am in a bit of a tricky situation. My house is currently not rented. I had a very old boiler, which was hang to a stone wall that was always wet and cold. We removed the boiler and had a Gas Engineer cap the line to repair the wall. The extra height of the plaster and insulation now makes the space between the boiler and the door very narrow, so the door will not fully open, which is why I think it was removed before. The problem with the boiler is that I don't use heating. The temperature rarely drops below 14C and I find it more economical to just use an halog
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