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  1. About five years ago I started my business from home and I had my own mini office in the next room, but my career continued to grow and I saw no point in paying more for a home office, especially since the tax was very high. I liked to develop further, so at first my employees were my acquaintances, but they invited their friends and that's how our company developed. When the question of renting an office in Singapore came up, we chose osdoro.com.sg and we like working that way. It is much more convenient than working from home
  2. Soon my father will be 65 years old and he will be a pensioner. All this time, he has been paying off the mortgage loan that he took out when he was 40 years old. Is it possible to somehow change the terms of the contract or pay off his debt ahead of schedule? I do not know the exact terms of the contract, but I am afraid that there will be no problems in the future. I spent a lot of time studying the proposed options from the Internet and still have not found a solution that meets all our requirements. I liked the later life lending offer, but is it possible to change the terms of the contrac
  3. Starting a real estate business is very risky and costly. In order to get good customers, you need to establish yourself in this market, and this is very difficult given the existence of a huge number of large companies that have conquered the market. You need good advertising that can help you achieve some success. Fortunately, there are many services available to help you with this. Have you ever heard of the Digital Marketing company that promotes the development of any enterprise on the Internet. Thanks to cooperation with Google, this company increases your rating in the Internet search e
  4. Giving the fact that more than 2 years have passed since your initial post, I would like to get an update from you on how you've dealt with your situation in the end.
  5. I don't know about you, but I really like this man. Thanks for the interview, it was very interesting for me to listen to it.
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