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  1. Hi, My name is Carlos, I am 31 yrs old and I am from Venezuela. I have been living in MCR for 5 years What you've done in the property so far I just on the flat where I live, I am a stock market investor that would like to diversify his portfolio with some properties What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) I like the idea of investing in the north of England, Student, young professional houses/apartment What your plans are for the future Get a second house Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from I have strong knowledge in the Stock market, I also work for a developer in Manchester, if anybody is interested in buy to lets in the north of England can contact me. Thanks
  2. Hello Guys! In August 2018 I and my partner bought our first flat (home), We had the help of the Help to Buy Equity scheme. This is a great one bed flat in MCR city centre. The mortgage is a 5 yrs fixed at 2.34% We are planning to have a family at some point and for this, we need the biggest house. adn rent our current flat. We are thinking to buy a second property in 2023 and let this apartment. For doing this, we need to pay the Help to buy first. The bank that holds our mortgage is Halifax and they are offering us an "additional borrowing" of £43.000 at 2.84% for 35yrs at fix term of 3 and 5 yrs Help to buy outstanding amount is £36000 Summary: House purchased in £170.000 An outstanding mortgage with Halifax: £118.662 Outstanding with Help to buy £36000 The bank is evaluating the flat in £190.000 Additional borrowing offered: £43.000 The biggest house needed in 3 years (£250-£300k) (I have some savings) Questions: Do you think is possible to pay the HTB with this additional borrowing and after 3 years refinance the house to get part of the principal for a new biggest house and rent the 1 bed flat? Do you think could be a better idea to get this money to get a buy to let apartment in Manchester Leeds Liverpool and them use this to refinance to get the principal for the house? Many thanks for your advice
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