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  1. Ta Richard, I'll drop them a message. I did look at places like Peterborough (not far from where I work), like you mention the idea of overseeing the properties was appealing. Right now though my plan is to max capital growth in the mid to long term whilsy keeping my time costs minimal so I can use it else where. Let me know if you ever, look up North, I'll drop you a message if I'm scouting around locally. Cheers, James
  2. Thanks Mark, I'm signed up to the 12th January webinar. Regarding reading, the usual things I suppose. I initially got a feel for sold prices and let agreed prices, tracked price growth data, read the 5 year plan and spoke to a few agents. Of course Manchester has been mentioned enough times on the podcast for me to feel confident in my decision that the next few years should see some decent property price growth. This week, choosing my first property in the areas around Manchester that I know might appeal to young professionals and will be making a move soon.
  3. Hello I'm James, If you are like me you'll have binged The Property Hub, bought yourself as many books to read on the subject, and spent hours researching investment strategies and properties because you live life wildly and that's how you get your kicks. I'm 26 and new to property investment, it'd be great to chat to anyone in a similar place, and build a network of like minded people. I may be able to offer some guidance on where to look for good research on local economic fundamentals. About me, I studied economics at university, and have worked in economic development roles
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