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  1. Where are you based Jordan? Come along to the meetup on Thursday and we will chat there? Al
  2. Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a property sourcer who covers the Newcastle/North Tyneside area? Thanks in advance Al
  3. Thanks Mandy, I'll take a look!
  4. Hi Alex, I've discovered that an RX1 form is called a deed of trust. It means that whoever is named as a deed of trust on the property is registered with land registry. Which gives them somewhat of a guarantee on the property. Admittedly, I need to find out more on it. Hopefully someone kind enough will post further info on here.
  5. Could anyone recommend any VAs they have used from abroad for around $5 p/h to do some basic computer based tasks? I'm aware there are UK based companies for around £15p/h but I'm looking for cheaper. Please let me know your recommendations! Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All, I hope you can help! I'm borrowing cash (alongside bridging lending) from a family member (not done it before!) to do flips through a limited company I am setting up. I'm not sure of the best way to set things up. 1) Have you got any advice as to the best way to approach it? 2) I'm told I should do a RX1; I've looked it up and can't seem to find information on what they are and why I should use them. Could someone explain please? 3) I understand that I could give them an interest rate of (going rate?) between 6-8% as a sort of unsecured loan. However, I've a feeling that they will want more of a guarantee 4) I understand I could lodge the money with a solicitor and request funds from them when I need it so I don't splash it all. However, this won't guarantee the family member getting it back 5) What about some kind of charge on the property? Won't it be difficult getting a charge on a property I've bought using cash/bridging? I appreciate any advice thanks! Al
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for someone to do a refurb in the Newcastle area for me. I work full time so am not able to be on site alot. Ideally It would be someone I could entrust the project management side of things to also. Can anyone recommend anyone please? Many thanks in advance Al Robinson
  8. Same Scott! Is you found anyone please let me know!
  9. Thanks Maninder, although I'm not clear on your figures. In this example, what is the amount you pay your landlord and how much total rent do you get from your tenants?
  10. That's fantastic advice thankyou Drew! You know what I'm going to ask next don't you? Would you be happy to share this spreadsheet please?
  11. What are your monthly costs and profits with your HMOs? I'm interested to see how much money people make from it!
  12. If you were going to do a rent to rent on a HMO, what kind of percentage profit would you look for? ie rent from owner for X so must be able to rent it out for a minimum of Y to make Z profit