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  1. Hello Mark ( @mark ), Thanks for your above info. How does one go about leasing to Serco? Is there a contact that they have who landlords can reach out to? Regards Fred
  2. I am looking into flipping a property, but given that it normally takes up to 6 months for a new owners details to bet registered in the title in land & registry (from what I have read), how do i sell a property if I am able to renovate it within 1 month after purchasing it? Wouldn't the fact that my details haven't been registered in Land Registry as the owner affect the ability to sell the property after renovating it? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello John, From what I am aware of , when there's high rise in energy prices, the first set of utility users to get the hit are business account. There seems to be better policies (price limits) for residential customers. On the other hand, due to the current spike in energy prices you are likely to pay high price for a domestic/residential account, but i suspect it should still be lower than that of business account.
  4. There are may auction houses which would have liverpool properties included in their listings. Rather than looking for the biggest one, look for auction sites through Google and check if they have Liverpool properties in their next auction. Properties stock in listing are dependent on stock any auction house has as at the time they are having their next auction
  5. I'm renovating a buy to let flat in a building that has 6 flats. There is already building insurance for the building which is part of the service charge. So i want to findout if I need to get insurance for renovation work. Or is it normal to do renovation without taking out renovation insurance each time? Thanks
  6. Hello, I recently bought a flat that needs re-wiring. The electrician says he needs to drill holes in the ceiling to re-wire the flat, but the flat has Artex Ceilings in all the rooms. I am awaiting a sample test, and the electrician has recommended lowering the ceiling would be a good option as that would mean he wouldn't have to drill through the ceiling. My question is, if i should get a lower ceiling installed in all the room (they all currently have very high ceilings), and I get an asbestos survey done after the renovation, would it come up as negative or would the asbestos surveyor want to drill through the lowered ceiling to still test the original ceiling? I just want to know if lowering the ceiling (boarding up the original ceiling ) would be considered a good solution and sufficient for making the flat asbestos safe ?
  7. Hello, This is a question for any property investor who had used Bridge loan to finance Buy to let How long does it normally take to get a bridge loan after you have gotten the loan in principle from the bridge loan lender? Does purchasing a lease hold property affect the time it take for the lender to finally approve the loan? If yes, please for how long
  8. Hello @charlie caney, Just out of interest where are the flats located?
  9. Hello Michael, Nice to come across someone investing in Liverpool area. How many properties do you currently have?
  10. Hello, Does anyone have any experience on if it is better to use 1 workman for renovating both the bathroom and Kitchen, or would it be cheaper and faster to use 2 workmen?
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