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  1. We just did not complicate the situation and just took made repairs, but that the repair did not come out very expensive, we turned to the company https://www.ajmechanicalservices.co.uk/ which provided us with the design and plans for repairs in the shortest possible time. All repairs were made very quickly about 2-3 months, we did not spend much on it and began to hand over to people who began to return us the money that we spent. And we were able to increase the rent for the house and increase our earnings, a year later we have already earned many times more than we spent The secret of succ
  2. In general, you can use a lot of tricks to promote your business, but you have specified exactly what you wanted to know about the lists. I use databases for our company. data that contains information about other companies that can not be found on the Internet for free. Personally, we chose uscompanieslist.com , after updating our database, we changed the customer coverage and increased our profit for the first month by 23%. Our business is related to the delivery of goods in large volumes, and we were able to understand what we need to focus on to maximize the benefits for our large-scale c
  3. To get a large amount, you need to provide a guarantor who will be solvent if you cannot pay the mortgage yourself. You can use your own business as collateral for a mortgage and thus guarantee full payment of the debt to the bank. At the moment, there are many companies that can properly assess your property and arrange it for the bank. This way you can get a mortgage and pay off the debt over time. I did the same and at the moment almost paid off the mortgage. You can read more in a dedicated post here. Good luck to you!
  4. To be honest, I have never encountered such a problem before, but if you take into account the fact that it costs only £100, then this can be considered as a working solution to the problem. This money can be easily earned if you use a high-quality mining farm. By the way, did you think that your neighbor was just trying to intimidate you? This is also quite a very reasonable option, which has the right to life. I think that you have already solved the problems, can you tell us a little more about it? I think many people will be interested to read your story!
  5. You probably want to know if there is a suitable HMO investment plan. Medicare Advantage works like traditional health insurance, not original Medicare. According to the Kaiser Foundation, 31% of Medicare beneficiaries are on Medicare Advantage plans as of 2020. If you want to invest in this area and calculate taxes taking into account retirement savings, it is better to contact the regional authorities for retirement planning. There are many HMOs and PPOs options that offer different types of investments. And if you're looking for a funding option, Houses in Multiple Occupation is a better o
  6. I used to use an alternative to Excel - Google tables. Their convenience lies in the fact that I can access them from absolutely any device that has Internet access, since all the tables are stored on my Google Drive, and there is even a separate application for smartphones.
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