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  1. Will you let me know as well Mark? Frank.
  2. That seems counter intuitive. I would have thought it less likely the more experience an investor has?
  3. I'm assuming those that were at the end of their BTL mortgage term simply re-mortgaged to extend the term and hold on to their properties?
  4. I know that's why i posted about it...I've heard some of the podcasts but will of course listen to more of them as my learning is very fresh.
  5. I would imagine so...It just strikes me as odd that they would try to put people off from the idea.
  6. Hi Mark Sorry for the late reply...Only just saw it. I do get it now, though it took a few goes. Many thanks.
  7. Hi folks. I just found this on the moneyadvice.org.uk website and it raises a fair point with regard to interest only mortgages. ''Don’t fall into the trap of assuming you’ll be able to sell the property to repay the mortgage. If house prices fall, you might not be able to sell for as much as you had hoped. If this happens, you’ll be left to make up the difference on the mortgage''. ~ moneyadvice.org.uk Link: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/buy-to-let-mortgages#how-do-buy-to-let-mortgages-work It was an exit strategy of mine to sell a BTL property to re
  8. Hi Mark I'm sure i'll be be in touch again with questions. Many thanks for the video.....I'll check it out. Frank.
  9. Hi folks. I'm very new to all this property asset stuff but glad to say, thanks to this website, i'm learning fast and beginning to shape a preferred strategy already...I'll very likely spend a good few months absorbing Property Hub before I unleash myself onto the world. What i don't know yet is how I'm going to get the funds for a deposit...I'm not letting a small detail like that stop my education though...They say luck is opportunity meeting preparedness and i can see no better way to be prepared than learning the crap out of a subject. I wish you all well in your education
  10. I've played the online version quite a few times...I think it's quite beneficial if, like me, the property asset and passive income worlds in general are quite new...It definitely helps to create that shift in thinking about money from the usual ''Get a job'' then ''Save for a pension'' mentality that is all pervasive to the ''Income via assets'' mode of thinking...Especially assets in terms of ''Cashflow'' from rental properties. The free online version is no doubt less detailed than the paid version, but I think it's a good enough alternative to the bought version to get the point ac
  11. I'm really trying to understand the concept explained about remortaging in the video ''What is a deal'' but it's really difficult when the numbers used in the examples make no sense as they're not accurate. Having inaccurate numbers just confuses the entire concept....Specifically in the section showing repayment of an old mortage and the cash left over from time stamp 3:55 onwards....Is there anywhere you give examples but with accurate figures? Thanks. Many thanks.
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