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  1. Hi Tom Thanks for your reply, if you could give me an email address I could send you the plans as it wont let me upload the pdfs Cheers Gareth
  2. Thats very true mate, and I get what you mean for an extra 215mm, cheers for your comment 👍
  3. Hi Ian I was wondering if you can help me, Im looking for a little advice concerning the 50% of existing frontage rule for side extensions, Ive had plans drawn up for a double storey side extension which goes over by approx 400mm, 3038mm with 50% being 2625mm, however they have agreed to 2813 (bwk dim) but we do need that 3038mm externally to give us the internal space we need order to have a decent size bedroom above for my family with another child on the way, what the Planners are allowing me as per the SPD isnt practicable even with the extra out to 2813mm as doing the furnitur
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