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  1. You can check out this guy: https://www.facebook.com/dawid.ulicz
  2. I am not an agent. Avoid: S4, S5 Look at: S2, S8, Happy to help if you need anything.
  3. This article might be helpful: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/housing/houses-in-multiple-occupation
  4. Hello everyone So... I purchased my house for 2017 for 105.000. I did some work to it and in 2018 it was revalued at 135.000 My 2 year fixed ends in August and my current bank revalues the house at 183.000. This is if I decided to stick with them for another two years and if they did not send any valuer to the house (checked with my mortgage provider twice whether that amount is correct and they confirmed). In this scenario I would have 35% equity in my house. But... I'm looking to release some equity and purchase a BTL. If I were to acce
  5. I have 2 HMO's in Rotherham and know a few people who have HMO's in Doncaster. I would say Doncaster, but made sure I choose a good area. There are many HMO's out there but simply, some of them have 1-2 rooms empty due to its location. In Rotherham, there is simply not that many new factories/jobs, prices for the room are almost the same.
  6. Alice, I use mjc Accountants and Business Advisors. They reply within few hours and work with people who have properties. Adele is my accountant- 0113 269 22 33. If you need anything else, I am happy to help
  7. Wes- welcome neigbor. No license- no need for this. You can also find tenants on Facebook groups
  8. Get a letter from her saying that she will do a refurb, no cost for you etc. Signed by both parties. Just ask first what is that she's trying to do .
  9. Chris, not so many people here. Any friends you can ask about solicitors and brokers?
  10. Find out how many years is left on the lease.
  11. JV won't work for you if you can't offer anything to the table (don't mean money but lets say skills). Deal sourcing- you need to have a base of investors that you can sell your properties to. You CAN read about R2R but need some knowledge and money to pull it off. I would try to find a mentor who could help you with it. Or go and work for someone who is already in property and doing what you want to do.
  12. If you a growing interest in it then start reading and educating yourself on that subject. You can't expect a solution from a single post
  13. regulations and legal requirements Contact your council (HMO department), and ask for space standrds, regulations, and article 4 direction budgeting for utilities Depends how many rooms. what to include in the house (ie furniture/bedding/crockery/TV's??) Bed, wardrobe, desk, chair in rooms. Couch, table, dining table, chairs dining/living room- that's a standard but it's up to you.. Depends on the market you are going after. how to find tenants Spareroom, Gumtree type of tenancy agreement AST Basically I'm experienced in single lets but a complete novi
  14. Super answer Tim. BTW- I went to your profile and your Twitter @ doesn't work.
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