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  1. Thanks for the response Derek - good to hear that these may be a little higher than normal. Your suggestions all seem quite logical. But even so, it does give me notice though that there’s no easy, reliable supply of profitable opportunities. That would be far too easy - I guess it’s going to take some work to find them.
  2. Hi all, As part of my early research in refurbing and flipping, I watched an online auction on Thursday. I did some top level research on 3 different Lots that I would theoretically be interested in. All needed full house cosmetic refurb as a minimum (kitchen, bathroom, probably some electrics and plumbing, all carpets, all walls), if not more, and every single one of them went for a price at least 20% above what I would have probably paid. So I can't see anyone making any money on them. I wanted to share this vey basic research, and the final prices, to ask: am I missing someth
  3. Chris, Dave - thanks for taking the time to reply. I've come to pretty much the same conclusion over the last 48hrs so its very reassuring to log back in and see you two validating that decision. I'm starting the hunt for a broker tonight. Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone. Hoping for some friendly advice. About me I'm starting out, and looking to build a portfolio of BTL properties over the next 5-10 years by refurbing and remortgaging, boosted with the occasional refurb > flip. I'm at the very start of that journey - so please forgive all the inevitable newbie mistakes. £250k targeted To give you a broad idea of the numbers I'm looking at, I'm targeting distressed properties at around the £200k mark, with £50k planned expenses (all taxes, fees and refurb) and hopefully a £300k-ish remortgage / sale value. I'll be doing this
  5. Hi! A quick hello from me! Following Rob D's suggested template... What you've done in property so far? Other than being a home-owner, I'm pretty new at this. I've got my goals sorted out, and a strategy sketched out. I'm at the stage of researching some realistic numbers to make sure the strategy is actually viable. What area's you want to invest in? Geographically, I'll be in the south-east. I'm limited as my potential business partner, an experienced builder, has a limited range he can get his guys to effectively. In terms of broad strategy, I'm looking for res
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