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  1. the only thing I would say is personally I wouldnt invest in these areas as i feel the quality of tenants won't be high. however that's my opinion and I like to be proven wrong. You can generally tell what type of tenants you will attract by whats in the local area, in terms of employment. feel free to give me a call 07860533602
  2. This is one of them how longs is a piece of string questions. Each area is different but the principle is the same, houses up here are relatively cheap and the rents are high in comparison. You should be driven by you numbers (i.e. ROI). I invest in Liverpool and live here too, i have just helped an investor (out of town) purchase on property and hopefully another within the next couple of days. We are looking at about 7-10% ROI, i am helping with the renovation to help keep costs down and increase the overall ROI. I can help if you wish and i am happy to share with you my other inv
  3. Hi, i have three at the moment and helping other investors with their purchases.
  4. Leo, I just secured a property for a investor friend based in Surrey, i viewed the property for him and helped him compile a good offer. We got it for under the asking price which in this market is a great achievement. It needs some refurb which i am managing for him too and i am going to help find the right tenants and manage it for him too. The property is in a great area and will attract A1 tenants which will give a consistent income. I am not a property expert but i have b2L in Liverpool and i live in the City too so i know it well which give me the confidence and knowledge i n
  5. Landlords who are just about to agree a tenancy do you require an inventory Report? If so contact me for help (£40 per report), these reports will help landlords and tenants avoid disputes, if it comes to it. the report will also sate is responsible for maintenance and repair. If not outlined in the tenancy agreement already. My reports will be turned around promptly and will accurately describe the condition of a rental property, so they can be used to assess claims for damages at the end of the tenancy. Tenancy inventory checks are essential for resolving deposit disputes at the
  6. Neil, will be great to meet up. feel free to drop me a line on michael.a.heyes@googlemail.com Michael
  7. Out of town investors looking to invest in Liverpool’s property market, do you need help? I am a local investor with knowledge of the market which I am keen to share with people who are wanting to invest in the city. I am no expert, but I believe I can help others with their quest. I have a number of buy to lets, both of which I secured well below market value using my negotiation skills learnt from my full-time job. I can help with either one of the below: · Finding and secure property deals in areas of high rental demand. I can either view properties on your behalf
  8. In my opinion most out of town investors go to areas like Anfield, Speke, Toxteth, center L1 etc. The attractive yields entice investors but the quality of the tenants are not always A1 class and turn over is high. I would pick one area and concentrate all your efforts on there, that way you will know when a good property comes on the market in that area. I have bought all my properties well below market value just by doing this as well as and forming good relationships with the sellers estate agents. i have viewed properties for friend who are out of town on their behalf, however
  9. Arjun, its very subjectivity but i have some costs from my experience. New kitchen and bathroom - i am assuming flooring and wall tiles etc circa 5-7k Painting, plastering and decorating throughout the house - again unknown square area so i would indicate £600 for a small room and up to £1000 for a large room. painting and decorating should be reasonable. I have painted a full 2 bed house for £250 but that me. New electrical wiring - 3k New mid-grade combi boiler - £1700 please use these numbers as a high level estimation, feel free to contact me if you wan
  10. Hi, feel free to contact me via email if you want further information Re investing in Liverpool. I have a few, Successful, investments in Liverpool and i live in the City too. I am keen to grow my investor network so we can share knowledge and experience. If i can help you i will. Michael (michael.a.heyes@gmail.com)
  11. Hello investors, looking to build my network with fellow, like minded Liverpool Investors from both within and outside the City. I am new to Investing with two BTL's in Garston L19, i aim to keep growing my portfolio year on year. I am quite transparent and willing to share my experiences, mistakes and knowledge to anyone who is in a similar position. Plus my friends don't talk to me about property because its I look forward to some potentially interesting conversations. Michael boring (their words, not mine).
  12. Charlie, i am an property investor in Liverpool and i live in Garston. Am happy to share my knowledge if you wish to have a chat. Michael
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