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  1. Thanks for your insight. I understand the point and I initially wanted #name# investments limited. (unfortunately I cant use my family name as its a common one!) I then read few articles agaisnt using the words 'landlord' or 'investments' in a company name as although it gives a professional image it can be viewed negatively by certain parties. I guess at the moment I dont realy know the exposure of the name chosen, how much will the tenants see it? will they even need to know as I will be using a letting agent
  2. Hi there, Branding and identity may perhaps not be as important as other companies but we have been having some fun with company names and wondered what peoples thoughts were.. We have landed on using: Red Fox Properties (or something similar as we are aware this exact name is taken) The name is in reference to the labrador colour fox red. Logo ideas will be coming shortly but we are thinking Orange logo with grey text. The logo idea at present is a silhouette side profile of a labrador encorporating a silhouette row of houses. We will see what the desig
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think the local house prices will force us further away so those are some useful tips in the podcast.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase a buy to let but am finding conflicting advice over location. We have a moderate amount of finance raised to mortgage and refurb 1 BTL. We planned to use anything left over and savings for the second in 12/18months. Then refinancing in 2years when the mortgage is up. I appreciate this may be frustratingly slow when trying to build a portfolio but i dont see another option. As its our first BTL and refurb im concerned over getting bridging finance initially to purchase the BTL in cash without a mortgage. Concerns being: running over budget on
  5. Hi Julia, Thanks for your reply! We were aware of the licensing but have now looked into joining DASH so thank you. Our plan is to 'build in' sustainability and energy efficiency to our properties whereever the budgets allow. We will look into EPCs for exactly what we need for C+ and make sure we can achieve this on all our purchases. We have been researching for a few months and visited Nottingham a few time on the best locations, Do you have any suggestions or opinions of places to go for/ avoid? Have a great weekend
  6. Hi everyone, Just though id write a quick introduction as I hope to be an active part of the community in the future. My wife and I relocated from the south east to the midlands (Rugby to be precise) for work reasons about 6years ago. This move made us “accidental landlords” as we were able to keep out property in the SE. We didnt really think much of it and just thought it must be a positive for the future... until now. A few months ago we decided to take action and have been stuck in the books trying to give ourselves the best shot at not completely mucking up! We are
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