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  1. Yes I am going to get a few quotes. I got one already and it will be quite pricey but its possible to do and I think it is the best option for the house.
  2. Thank you both for the reply. I am getting multiple quotes from different builders. Another idea pointed out by someone was to make the living area a combined kitchen/diner/lounge and change the kitchen into the bathroom. Might be a good idea. I want to go through the effort as I think in the long run I can earn much more, as the current set up means I can't rent it out to two separate people. People are happy to rent these kinds of properties, but its still easier to rent out if it doesn't have this strange set up.
  3. I bought a small two bedroom terraced house as an investment and it had been rented out to a long term tenant until they recently decided to move. I would like to renovate the house, however I want to try and sort a major issue with the house at the same time. The only bathroom is connected to one of the upstairs bedrooms. I would like to make it so people have access to the bathroom without going through a bedroom, otherwise I am restricted to renting it out to a couple or small family. I could build a bathroom in the larger bedroom, not as an en-suite, but like a shared bathroom so that if w
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