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  1. Hello, I was wondering whether anyone is or has used a fire engineering consultant for for a small residential scale? We are looking to deviate from part B and BS for the fire requirements for sprinklers. the house is three levels and looking for a loft, however the viabilty of a sprinkler for severnal reasons isn't viable. We need to have chartered engineer to input into our Building control application. Many thanks in advance.
  2. thats very helpful thankyou.
  3. Hello, I m looking into the whole new world for me of the 'self build'. Can anyone guide me in terms of the way mortgages work. If I were to buy a bungalow on a small mortgage, is it possible to then do a self build mortgage for something on the land? Or is it a case I would have to buy the mortgage outright? I am looking at future proofing and having the parents live on site with us. any help would be very much appreciated!
  4. thank you, The saga is still ongoing.... the leashold agreement between the freeholder and the flats have stipulations on covenants and rights to enjoy the property and extend, in essence it intimates that retrictions on develeopment can not be imposed on neigbours to prevent building/ extending. Would this leashold agreement superseed any legal rights of light claims if they are to pursue this legally in the courts? thanks
  5. Thank you. I wish neighbours were more reasonable in discussions. Life shouldn't be such a fight!
  6. Hello, I was wondering whether anyone is able to give me advice on rights of light with regards to residential properties. We have approved plans for a L-shape dormer extension which matches and mirrors the neighbouring property. Unfortunately he has opposed the build and commissioned a rights of light surveyor to work for them and asked for the bill to be reimbursed. There was no consultation on this how can it be so that we would be made to foot the bill?
  7. Good Morning, Strategically is it better to submit the upwards extension first or the ground floor larger homes extension (4.5m)? The adjacent neighbour is likely to object to all extensions. The ground floor is less contentious as it is only single storet but the upwards extension would be a new thing for everyone? Any thoughts on which to should be submitted first to lessen the impact on unhappy neighbours?
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the minefield of planning. I have a client who has a linked detaced house (linked by each house's garage). They are seeking a large rear extension 4.5m from the rear of the existing wall. They are also looking for the upwards extension of an additional floor. The question is whether they would be both under one application or should they noth be submitted seprately under their own Prior approval applications.
  9. that's really great thankyou.
  10. Many thanks Alastair, I didn't realise that.
  11. Good Afternoon, Thanks for the previous advice. Our situation is a little tricky. Is there any good planning legal advisors that anyone could recommend for us to get in touch with? We are based in London
  12. Many thanks AlastairK. We fully appreciate that is the case. I think the nervousness is that we are only be sent email statements of what is required and no feedback to any of our queries. We also advised them of other developments (locally) that had been approved separately that were in a terrace and still were still successful. The example we referred to was a mansard that was completed last year, and the adjacent neighbour has since taken out planning and now building, so there were no constraints placed on them to submit together. Their planning stipulation was to match the height of
  13. Hello, I am new here and would like to ask some advice. We have planning application submitted in for us and three adjoining neighbours for a mansard extension. Ours is the smallest development. One of the planning officers have said that we must start and finish the builds all simultaneously within the same time frame. We have advised them that it would not be possible as not all the proposed builds are of the same scale. Some are larger and more complex as they also include a rear and first floor extension. Also we all have varying budgets and one also will be doing i
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