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  1. Hi all, I am currently prospecting on some 1 bed flats in PBSA. I have done all my costs and from that point of view it makes sense.. but it all seems too good to be true... My main concern is exit strategy as with all the learning I have done I feel this property will likely not produce much of a capital gain (if at all); especially when compared to residential properties. Am I right to think that? I would really like to hear some of your opinions. Perhaps why you would invest in a property such as this, and why you wouldn't. Any thoughts really appreciated. My intention would be to hold this for the long term, on a repayment mortgage (the income is not needed) with the intention of the mortgage being paid off as I enter retirement so that I can then use the rent as an income stream to see me through my later years. What do you think? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Max
  2. I have been trawling Rightmove/zoopla finding properties to analyse. Main aim being to assess them for rental yield. Then I came across some student accommodation with some mind blowing features: 3 years assured returns at 8.5% net No maintenance or ground fees for 3 years No letting fees. This all sounds too good to be true? I'm dying to know what I'm missing?
  3. Hey Julia, Thanks for your message. Great to have an input from someone who has been in my shoes. I am currently living in MQ's and I want to start property for exactly the same reason you did by the sounds of it. I am halfway through my service now and am really thinking about that transition back to civilian life once my time is up. Hopefully a couple more tours between now and then should help facilitate a cash injection here and there. Funny you should mention about the 'specialist military' schemes. I am currently working with a mortgage broker via forces mutual who has found me my first agreement in principal.. on the face of it, it looks good. But, I guess I wouldn't know because its the only one I have ever seen.. I have only gone through the process for the sake of experience as (due to it being a 'specialist military scheme') it cost me absolutely nothing. So my plan is just to use the A.I.P to seek viewings on properties I'm speculating on and soak up the experience. Wether I go through with it or not is another thing. Really appreciate any comments you may have. Please pass on my respects to your husband!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your message. I will be sure to take a look at your website. My strategy will be to buy and hold for the long term; with the intention of combining my rental income and future savings for subsequent deposits. Yes, I have learned quite quickly that I will have to search for deals away from home as I live down south and quite simply cannot afford it. In regards to "when to buy"... Having now done the course on the 18 year property cycle, and trying too work out how the covid pandemic impacts that... I suppose right now I am wondering if I should wait until next year to buy? What do you all think?
  5. Hi, My name is Max. I am brand new to the property investment world.. perhaps a "late starter". I have always been intrigued by property investment but until now have always believed that I didn't have enough cash to get started. Having recently discovered property hub, the "fire in my belly" has been well and truly lit and simply learning the small amount I have, has transformed my mindset. I am keen to start a dialogue with anyone from this environment as I am keen to learn from any who will teach. I would welcome any advice and tips at any point throughout this journey. I am a soldier in the British Army, so would love to hear from any other military personnel who have already invested and have a story to tell. All the best! Wilko
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