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    Manchester, London, Liverpool
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    I'm a trained and experienced business manager with a background in hospitality and leisure, my current day job is general manager for an international leisure group.
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    Refurbishment/construction, tax & finance management, networking, partnerships
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    Business management, financial management, project management
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    Transition from BTLs into HMOS and potentially commercial property, doing the odd flip along the way, with the goal of owning 30-50 properties over the next 15 years.
    Medium term:
    Purchase 5-10 BTL properties using the BRRR method over the next 3-5 years using private investor funds.
    Finish and tenant my first BRRR by the end of 2021.
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    Business management, technology, sociology, creative and interior design

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  1. Hi Adam As Dave says, definitely speak to a broker (or a few) Demand and capital growth in the Home Counties may increase in the coming years as there is something of a general trend of people moving out of London due to the pandemic Check out the PH podcasts and youtube videos if you haven't already as they cover predictions for good areas to invest in 2021
  2. House hacking (having a lodger) can be a great way to effectively live rent/mortgage free and therefore save up for another deposit, and get on the ladder BTL is the route I'd go, as a first time investment a single family home is possibly a relatively straightforward, low risk move to get your feet under you. You could use circa £30k on deposit and purchase costs for a managed one bed with tenant in situ in the North to learn the process (remotely from London). Being a property owner may also provide better deals on financing your second (larger) property. If you have more time and
  3. I'd be interested to know if you found the answer. This was amongst the reasons I avoided using the Help to Buy scheme despite the obvious benefits
  4. Interesting article and thanks for the post As always the devil is in the details and a straight comparison isn't that meaningful on it's own. There are maintenance costs (for eg) involved in home ownership that don't exist in renting. I rent by choice and expect I will for at least the next 5 years (I'm 35) and quite possibly well beyond that. I love the flexibility, the fixed monthly costs, the (virtually) zero maintenance time or cost and the variety of new places to live every 2-3 years. I moved into a new place last week and have 30 items on a spreadsheet of touchups and improve
  5. Hi all I grew up around property developments and have been a fan of PH podcast and videos for over a year, so it's fantastic to be here with this amazing community. I'm planning to close my first property this year (2-3 bed BTL in Derby for 70-90k interest only mortgage). I have the deposit, legal costs and decision in principle on the mortgage and am currently using MLS whilst fine-tuning my local knowledge. I currently rent and intend to for some time so this first purchase is primarily to get on the ladder in the eyes of lenders etc After the first BTL, I will focus on BRRR
  6. Thank you very much both! Good to know I wasn't a million miles away in my estimate
  7. Hi team Thanks as always for your generous input Could you give me a rough estimate on a refurb for a 3-bed terrace house in Manchester please? To make fit for purpose, not high end Something like the below: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/88254295#/ I appreciate it'd be very much a ballpark figure but anything to give me an idea of the refurb cost is much appreciated
  8. I live in London and will be doing 2-3 BRRR projects in Manchester and/or Liverpool over the next 2 years. I intend to drive up and site visit every 7-10 days, but want someone nearby to oversee every couple of days and feedback to me, as I'll be working with a new contractor (at least on the first property in each city). I feel that even with the additional cost it is preferable to leaving a new contractor to their own devices for a week or two between check-ins (no disrespect to the amazing people in construction out there) Is their a job title for this type of thing? And any advic
  9. Thanks both of you, I'm in a not too dissimilar position and that was helpful
  10. If I'm not mistaken PH recently listed Doncaster as a town to watch for 2021 so I'd say you're on the money
  11. Thanks Derek, that's really useful, appreciate it
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