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    Currently a Business Analyst but I have a bit of background and interest in building too.
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    My goals within property are to have a good pension investment, and in the longterm, develop a property on a piece of land myself.
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    Travelling, reading, exercising
  1. Hi! My name is Gareth and I live in the little industrial town of Warrington! I work as a Business Analyst and I have a keen interest in property. I am new to all of this, not actually being a homeowner myself yet. However listening to the 'Property Podcast' and the 'Property Geek' podcast has really peaked my interest and my knowledge! I now have a clear goal to be on this Hub as a fellow investor ASAP. So I'd like to ask a question; If say I got a cheap house to get me started, between 60-70K and lived in it a few months whilst getting it ready to let....If I wanted to then
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