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    I’m Bhupinder Bhatti , Managing Director in the Listing Nearby Company. Listings Nearby is an online real estate database/marketplace which offers new houses in BC Canada. I have been working with this company for three years. I love to help people who are looking to buy perfect homes.

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  1. If your neighbour is troubling you then it's time to take action. Here some suggestions in following link: https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/neighbor-disputes-what-to-do-when-your-neighbor-invades-your-property
  2. I have completed your survey. Check it out the following link, there is information regarding budgeting for first time home buyer. http://bit.ly/386wDGn
  3. Top 5 amazing and most viewed homes 2020 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-9010445/Five-viewed-properties-sale-2020-revealed-Rightmove.html
  4. Before buying a home, it’s important to consider how such a purchase will affect your finances and your lifestyle. It makes sense to review all of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a homeowner before making this big commitment. Advantages to renting Being able to give notice to vacate gives you flexibility to move to a different type of property, to a different area (or country!), or move in with someone else. Moving out of a rented home can often is quicker than selling a property, which is useful in case a relationship breaks down. Renting can also be a handy way to t
  5. The Government has announced that it will legislate to bring into effect the following. 1. Leaseholders of both houses and flats will now be able to extend their lease to a new standard 990 years (maximum) with a zero ground rent. 2. A cap will also this article sets be introduced on the ground rent payable when a leaseholder chooses to either extend their lease or become the freeholder. 3. An online calculator will be introduced so that leaseholders can more easily determine how much it will cost them to extend their lease (or purchase their freehold). 4. A
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