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  1. I still cannot understand on what grounds the company is obliged to return the money to you? You paid for the service and got it! Currently, knowledge costs a big money and the amount of £ 997 is normal. When I opened my own business, I had many failures due to lack of of information and I allowed many errors. Each error was very expensive to me and I always try to learn something new. Fortunately, I have good friends who helped me support my business and solve some problems. They told me about factoring companies and helped to expand my business. At the moment I make some trainings and teach
  2. Getting a mortgage is expected to become more difficult between September and November as banks tighten criteria, according to the Bank of England's Credit Conditions survey. The sentiment survey of lenders highlighted that they expect their credit scoring criteria for mortgages to get tighter in quarter four. Credit scoring had already tightened in quarter three which covers the three months to the end of August. And as criteria tightens, mortgages are expected to become more expensive in the coming months. In terms of mortgage pricing and margins, lenders reported
  3. I think it's comfortable to work from home if you have a special place for work. I like your idea.
  4. Really an ambiguous situation, but a short answer is that you are responsible for that, and it was your fault you haven't checked the setting first. It is the same logic as with lamps if a flat had lamps which you assumed were LED and they were not it is not the land lord's fault that you overplayed your electricity bill. However, you can speak to your landlord about that and if he is nice and moral you can use this fact to negotiate a lower pay for a long period of stay. It might not be a whole sum but if you spread it over a year that would only be 25 Pounds. For your landlord, it would not
  5. I have never used a financial advisor and mortgage broker specialising in BTL. For those wondering, a mortgage adviser/broker is usually a dedicated mortgage specialist, though some independent financial advisers also give the same kind of mortgage advice. Typically a mortgage adviser will increase your chances of securing a mortgage, and also of finding the best value mortgage deal for you. For me, choosing grimard financial was a no brainer, because they are a retirement income services firm which provides great income strategies for those who are on the brinch of retirement.
  6. Well, I can advise you quite a bit but one advise I would give to anyone is that you need to learn how to essentially brag about yourself. Best prospects of finding a job await those who tell that they are the best in a way that the employer wants to hear. Also, work on your writing skills will help you a lot. Writing an eye-catching email can be the last straw that acts in your favour or puts you in a pile of other emails that were never read. Also a good thank you email is the best thing you can do after you are in the job, your employers are people too!
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