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  1. Also I'm in no rush to complete before the stamp duty holiday. The 200k figure is what he paid for it years back.
  2. Thanks for spending the time to send me that it was a great help and exactly what I wanted to know. ......It's my dads house btw
  3. Hi all hoping you could help with the following: I'm 36 years old working full time taking home 2.5k after taxes a month with no savings and around 2.5I credit card debts (I was always pay on time with amount due) . I also partly settled a ccj last year. The ccj was 6 years old in November so not on my record (I've been told). From that you can see I'm not great with my finances ! Fortunately I've been offered a lifeline by a family member to sell me a house worth around 700k for 200k currently vacant due to covid. It was getting 2.2k previously. My question is can I get a 100
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