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  1. Hi, I have a limited company and the company owned a flat. Recently we sold the flat at a profit. My question is quite simple. How is the profit treated, is it just like any other business transaction and the profit will be added to the general trading profit? Alternatively does the fact that it is a property sale mean that it is treated separately from normal trading e.g .just like profit on.a second home and will attract capital gains tax? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi I have a leasehold flat in Liverpool. I tried to sell last year but the management company refused to provide the management/buyers pack nor would they allow transfer of the lease. The lease includes the restriction on transfer without their permission., There was no reason for there refusal, they just would not respond. Now they have gone into liquidation and the administrators are also not giving their permission to transfer the lease ( in this case it is not a refusal its just that in 12 months of waiting to get an answer). The land registry have a procedure for cancelling a restriction, that would allow me to sell. However I cannot discover what grounds would make the land register agree to this. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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