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  1. Thank you to the feedback from the 3 of you. Definitely sounds as if this is one to avoid!
  2. Good Afternoon, I just wanted tho throw another question out there to people. Is it legal to own a property under an LTD and rent it to yourself personally for say £1. It would be beneficial to pay the repairs on your personal property and pay less corporation tax as it comes under company outgoings. Does anybody do this, and does it work successfully? Is this even legal as it might be seen as tax avoidance in the eyes of the law? Appreciate the feedback.
  3. Thank you for your advice EB. Hadn't thought about the option at the end there. Will be looking into that one a bit more. Thank you!
  4. Hello, My name is Daniel and I am new to this forum. I am aspiring to be a property investor in the future but I am still learning about a few things. Omne question I can not seem to find a definite answer for is will I lose my Lifetime ISA 25% bonus for being a FTB if I purchase my first property through a Limited Company? I currently have a Lifetime ISA but I do not currently own any property in my individual name. I am hoping to, down the line, buy a house in my personal name taking advantage of the 25% government bonus on my Lifetime ISA to use as my home. I am wondering if as a
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