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  1. Hi Dave, Yeah that is one I have heard of, sort of working out the ratio and time taken to rent. This can be done in Northern Ireland, only the main estate search is propertypal but this information can be obtained. Rightmove isn't popular at all here. The point you have made is one of them things that I needed a reminder to consider, and with that I greatly appreciate the comment. Thanks!
  2. I'm catching up on the episodes for the podcast, currently at the 300 mark. With that I look forward to the episode.
  3. Thank you for the response Mark, Yeah, so something to consider would be the availability of a property that suits an investment strategy in an area as mentioned? "As you might've seen, Belfast is one of our 2021 Hotspots for Investment, so you're definitely looking in the right place." On the above comment from yourself, are you referring to a group you are in or the property hub in general? Really appreciate the help. Regards, Ciaran
  4. Hi, I am an aspiring property investor in Northern Ireland looking into a few areas in Belfast. This has lead to my usage of street checker to determine an area demographic. With this I am looking at an area that has a low council rented percentage of total housing, but also a low landlord rented property percentage. Over 75 percent of the property is owned outright or with a mortgage. Is it a bad sign that there isn't a large amount of rented property in the area? Regards, Ciaran
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