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  1. This seems to be because of the current situation why property is on teh rise, but what you initially describe seems to be uk wide.. i have been pausing on BLT and focusing on family home... yet with the feelings involved its been super hard to obtain anything, each time i find a new place listed i really like and enquire about it with a offer ive been told "its closed bids only now and many people have placed offers"... one example was a guide price of £180k with at least £50k required "modernisiation", this sole for £308k so paying over asking odds because its worth it, maybe people g
  2. i have signed up to this a while ago and i had exactly the same question, what happens if this cloud like ceases, are there any downloadable content into a csv file for example of each property and details linked with that ? be good to open up discussion about it and see if that is an option, there is a little chat help on the side, which after initial bot chat goes to a person who could answer the question.
  3. I know you said adult children, but just one thing i'd like to make you aware of is that if you have children as shareholders / directors etc, it will impact anything for future education ( like uni), if one of your children has relationship issues ( depenadant on if married etc) and they wont be able to make use of any first time buyer schemes.. however you can have alternitive ways of employing them wihtin your company or certain terms on dividends which may be worth looking into..
  4. Im looking to set up a new sister company, however i am also looking longer term to build a portfolio within property which i can hand down to my children when i retire, ive heard the term freezer share, could someone shed some light with knowledge before i go and research further ?, this would be both under eighteen and over currently. of course ear are all open to any other suggestion, i feel if i started as a single director of a limited company after say ten or twenty years then decide i want to retire my children would no way be able to afford into the business. Look forward to
  5. Cater Allen have been very good for me, and if you get to the point of savings, aldermore are also very good.
  6. Just a further question from reading this thread, if you set up a ltd company and purchase your first house as BTL interest only, what are the acceptable quotations on how you will repay the loan at the time required, ie if a 20yr time frame, what are the given reasons to clearing the debt at the end of mortgage remaining ? IS it sell the property which will have compound interest over the 20 years ?, is it pay off with passive income as the company grows etc.. be really good to hear the common answers given.
  7. Looks as if this is quite the hot topic, and a specific post might be of use in giving people options and feedback on selected accountancy firms based on requirements. Im looking for a Ltd company running BTL and wondering what is the best option, to pick a accountancy fully managing all aspects required which is clearly property based is key for legislation and best tax advice, but then it's a cost issue as after all its a business so want to keep costs to a minimum but while getting the best service available. some operate on Turnover of your company, some on number o
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