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  1. Hi Alex, Who did you end up going with in the end? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies. I am making more enquiries as to how this could work. So having a holding company owning my own limited company, my wife's limited company and also the SPV - would this be a good idea? Would lenders see this as a straightforward structure? Thanks once again Nick
  3. Thanks David. It's something the accountant has suggested but not why this structure over say a holding company. Yes will need to see what lenders feel. Any fundamental flaws with this set up assuming lenders don't mind?
  4. Hi all, I am new on this forum and would be grateful for any advice. Myself and my wife have our own trading Ltd. companies (unrelated to property!). We want to set up a Limited company for rental. We have been advised that setting up a so called layered Ltd company structure would be a good option - ie. both mine and my wife's Ltd companies would be equal shareholders of the new Ltd company, and us both being directors (but not shareholders). This would allow funds to flow freely between the companies (apparently!) Can anyone shed any light on whether this 'layered' set-up
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