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  1. Damn that is a detailed response. I will go away and research the options you listed! I am definitely going to make a move even if I am single. Only because of my cash reserves. Complete luck I know! I might message you if I need some help! Cheers
  2. Thanks for responding. Yh I've been thinking its going to be options 2/3 as well. Between the 2 of them I was thinking 3 would be more profitable as I could rent out 3-4 bedrooms in certain properties I have seen. But then some say the maintenance and hassle in managing a property is not worth it. My gut instinct is basically telling me to make a move in property now. I am in a unique situation for my age in that I am cash rich but not earning huge sums. I think it makes sense to put the cash into property. Just want to hear how people would go about it. Should I get the most expen
  3. As the title says I have an OK salary. I should get to the mid 40s in 5 years. Nothing spectacular I know. I have a bigger deposit than most people. Inheritance and own savings I could put down close to £70k. I think £50k is my own target. I am a Londoner currently living at home:( I know I am quite fortunate and can afford a property in most parts of the UK. However for family and job prospects I would like to settle in the South East. Basically I want to know what you would do in my shoes? I have some ideas in my head... 1. Buy a property say around £200k and live in it on my o
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