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  1. Is there something you wish you had known when you first started? What piece of wisdom changed the way you work? Was there a big mistake you made that you've learned a lot from? It would be interesting to hear any thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know of anything like this? I.e. a group of investors / to-be investors that have a group all looking to help each other out? From a lot of the posts on here it seems like there is a lot of out-of-towners (myself included) that would like to invest but are finding it difficult. If not, would it be worth creating one? On Discord maybe or WhatsApp. Happy to set one up if there is interest. Cheers, Jitz
  3. Not sure of specific developments, but I've been told the Baltic Triangle regeneration is really transforming the area, so potentially worth looking there. Hope this helps, Jitz
  4. Hi Neil, Thanks for this, very helpful. What do you think of Kirkdale? Some people say it's horrible, but some say there are nice bits which have the potential to be positively affected by the stadium regeneration. I'd be keen to hear your thoughts. Any insight is appreciated! Jitz
  5. Thanks! @Mark Rocks I'll give the course a go, I'm sure it will be very helpful. It's appreciated!
  6. Hi all, I'm from Bromley in south east London. I've been saving for my first property for the past few years and have saved a small deposit (c. £30k). I am looking at some of the cheaper cities for BTLs in, i.e. Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester and have narrowed it down to areas I like within these cities and have started spotting some deals and running numbers. I have a lot to learn still but feel I'm on my way. I've been working for a large commercial developer/landlord for the past few years in both property management and investment (currently I'm an Investment Analyst) and I've
  7. Hi Adiel, Thanks for the realistic outlook. Which areas do you like? I'm currently thinking Kirkdale due some on the projects set to happen there but am apprehensive for your reasons mentioned above. Any tips? Many thanks
  8. Hi Michael, Thanks for this. I think I've narrowed down my search to Kirkdale and Anfield as these areas both seem okay in terms of potential. Would you agree this is the case? Thanks again
  9. Hi all, I've been looking at Liverpool for a while now and have noticed people saying the cheaper areas offering the best yields are often not the best for getting good tenants. For example, areas like Bootle, Kirkdale, Anfield, Kensington. Is this true? Is it better to look at some of the more robust areas, like Wavertree and Toxteth? Really at a loss here as I'm not from the city. I'm liking Anfield due to the regeneration that is likely to happen over the next few years, but want to make sure it's fine before buying anything. Is Anfield okay? Is there any areas you can r
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