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    Complete newbie, researching for my future!
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    refurbing, flipping and BTL.
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    I would like to be able to quit my job and focus on property.

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  1. Thank you, I thought as much. The help to buy has certainly helped me move my family to a better home and area, it is more now a case of my impatience getting the best of me as so keen to get started with my property dreams. Not to worry, I will make the most of the time with further planning and research
  2. Good morning all, I recently moved house last year with the use of the help to buy scheme this now means I can't own any other properties without breaking the terms. I'm therefore stuck until my fixed deal is up and I can remortgage so starting my journey is on hold. My question is will this be the same case even if setting up a limited company or could this be a loophole?
  3. Hi @hzm Well done on starting so young. I was similar to your age when I first started wanting to get into property. I was 19 when I bought my first house (residential) and then things were put on hold when I started my family. I'm now 34 and at the very start of actually planning and progressing with my journey and can't help but think back about where I'd be if I'd simply gone for it all of those years ago so I certainly mirror what @Bemi Odunlami (along with all of their other excellent advice) says and encourage you to just go for it! I can highly recommend completing the cours
  4. Thank you @Mark Rocks 😊 I certainly have checked out that course and completed it It was certainly super helpful and that is what has actually swayed me towards flipping/buy to let as before that I was very interested in holiday let's (mainly because of the glamour as pointed out!) so I have rethought about things and taken into account my personality, starting position, funding and long term goals. If you have any suggestions as to which course I should move on to next that would be great although I do plan to make my way through them all ... eventually 🤣
  5. Hi all, My name is Laura and like so many others I've dreamt my entire life of becoming a property mogul and owning my own empire (mainly from overdosing on Sarah Beeny and Homes Under The Hammer as a teen). I worked as an estate agent in my early 20s mainly being the point of call for the property investors I so desperately envied! Still I had young children and so no action was taken. I'm now well into my 30s, I am a full time working Mum and the pandemic has put things into severe perspective for me that I spend far too much time at work and not enough with my family. I wa
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