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  1. Hi Neal, I think you’re right, networking is really important. Have you tried any other strategies or just BTLs? In my circumstances I would love to do a JV with an investor or somebody with experience. I am motivated and willing to do the work but currently lacking the start up funds needed to go it alone. Regarding R2R, after reading up about it, it looks like it’s got a bad rep from being done incorrectly or unethically in the past but I think it can work if you do your due diligence and get everything in place in advance. I think my biggest hurdle with R2R is
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for sharing the link to podcast. It definitely highlights some of the risks to consider with R2R and the importance of doing your due diligence. If anybody has any lessons learnt or experience with R2R I would love to hear your thoughts? Elliott
  3. Hi everyone, I’m Elliott. I’m a newbie to property investment but am 100% committed to building a passive income for me and my wife that will give us more time to do the things we love. I made the decision to return to education as a mature student and graduated from Portsmouth Uni last year with a degree in Property Development which gave me a great ‘textbook’ insight into property investment, so I am now trying to absorb as much ‘real life’ information from podcasts, books and the PropertyHub as possible. Living down in Southampton, my short term strategy is to
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