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  1. mikek

    Virtual office

    @Dave - Thank you for the info I have ported my numbers to Voicemailtel and I made the best decision. The support team was awesome and got my account setup in few minutes. There is no contract signed so basically if i'm not happy with the services i can go to another provider Also, I gave them a script for auto attendant, and they helped me to upload it. The sound quality is amazing for an internet based phone, I even got a free trial for 1 month. All works very well and I recommend Voicemailtel. Mike Klamp
  2. mikek

    Virtual office

    I'm wondering if it`s a good idea to change my telecom to VoIP. One of my friends referred me to Voicemailtel and from what i could research abouth VoIP it`s seems to be a virtual office, this is what i`m looking for. I`m asking your opinion if it`s good to change over VoIP and what are the benefits and if you are aware of any issues.
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