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  1. Hi Andy, I would have been there but unfortunately I am away on a contract with a client at the moment. Apologies. I am going to find it difficult to get to the meetings as I am away every week Mon to Thursday. I will have to consider my options with this and come to one near Milton Keynes. Many thanks neil
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for this and test that would be great . i will put the next meet up in the diary for April. Also i noticed that you are in Pudsey and I am very close to you as i live in Calverley so would be great to meet up for a chat and hear about your experiences in the property market in Leeds. Many thanks Neil
  3. Hi All, I am Neil and I have been in Leeds for over 15 years now although originally from the North East. I have not started my property journey yet and looking to inspiration and any advice to get into the Leeds market. I spent a large part of my career in corporate land working as an employee until the point redundancy gave me the chance to set up my own business and provide interim change management services. This has been going really well for the past few years although I feel that i nee to create multiple streams of income to ensure that I have a more balanced financial base.
  4. How do I get into action?

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