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  1. Hi Nafe, Welcome to PropertyHub! It's great to see you already have some ideas in mind about where you would like to invest. So cool you work in property as well, it could be very valuable in future! I am starting out as a newbie as well. For me I first analysed the various methods of investing as a whole and then build a plan around my lifestyle, tolerance to risk, timeframe etc. What would you say your risk tolerance is? Would you thrive project managing a flip project or would you prefer something like a vanilla "set and forget" BTL property investment? as with anythin
  2. Hi c-mason Firstly, congratulations for pulling the trigger - I hope it goes very well for you. I like so many others are based in London with extreme interest in venturing north for a BTL investment. Looking into Liverpool for a while as well as it has so many benefits already , coupled with the huge regeneration projects going on it is likely to keep moving in the right direction. Based on your number crunching, coupled with the "ever-so-crucial" local knowledge provided by your mates up there it already sounds like you have got good prospects to succeed. When eventually enter
  3. Hi Talha, I have conducted some research around the area in the past , typically L1,2,3 are the more pricier areas - given the central location - in those areas you would most likely be looking at flats. Branching out to L4,5,6,7,8 (& wider L13, L20) are where you would typically find 2/3 terraced houses which also offer great buses and train links into the town centre - these areas are cheaper and could potentially offer greater yields but it does depend on location. I would recommend first understanding your target market - if you would like to cater to young professional
  4. Hi! I am new to the field of property investing also, so something you mentioned which I do not have at my disposal & the main benefit of your friend being in the area means a better "ground level" view of the location (something which you have more experience with closer to you?) Due diligence of any area is key , maybe a more extensive comparative analysis of both areas will provide clarity on if the proximity to yourself or the more attractive yields/potential (as which you mentioned) is ideal? let us know how far you have got!
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