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  1. Thank you for your reply. Letting properties to HA seems to obtain a very high yield, why not many people is doing so? Is there any cons I should be reminded of?
  2. Hi everyone. I wanna ask if I do a BTL and let it to the Housing assoication, how will things go in case some tenants deliberately damage my house? Assume I take out the insurance and have my fixtures and fittings covered and the tenancy still has a long way to go. I have heard that some of the tenants who are on benefits will damage your house on purpose in the hope of getting a permanent housing asap, that’s why some landlords will try to avoid letting their properties to these tenants. Is it true? And as the insurance can cover the damage, is it still a trouble to the landlord? Th
  3. Hi, Thank you for providing so much info about Manchester! Now I understand more and so I can make my decision wisely. Thank you for your time!!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to write these responses. It is nice to know that I am in a good position. Thank you so much. J
  5. Thanks for the info! How will you comment on the rental demand in Nottingham? And regarding spending more for higher yield, do you mean spending money in other nicer areas/ to upgrade from terrace house to semi-detached/ to fully furnish the house?
  6. Hi everyone, I am a healthcare provider based in Hong Kong. My partner and I planned moving to the UK in the coming 4-5 years. We would like to create some passive income by BTL, and if possible some capital gain, before we come to the UK. I have done some research, and am planning to do some investments in Manchester/Leeds/Nottingham. Here are my plans: Manchester: - One to two terrace house with 2-3 bedrooms , targeting rental to family - Budget 200-250k, to achieve yield ~3% after all, mainly aim for capital gain - Locat
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