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    Leeds (but flexible)
  • About me
    My name is Frank and I’m an Engineer based in Harrogate looking to diversify my income by investing in property throughout the UK.
  • Property investment interests
    BRRRR & Flips Primarily (but flexible)
  • My skills
    Electrical & Building Services Engineering are my core skills, where my career has been spent designing large commercial projects.

    Although I'm not vastly experienced in property, my career has lead me down regularly pricing, managing and designing projects, building a solid foundation of transferrable skills to utilise when investing in property.

  • My goals
    1) A minimum of 5No. properties shall be established within my portfolio by 2028. An approximate guide below shall be followed or beaten where possible:
    Sub goal #1 – Property no 1 gained by 2023.
    Sub goal #2 – Property no 2 gained by 2025.
    Sub goal #3 – Property no 3 gained by 2026.
    Sub goal #4 – Property no 4 gained by 2027.
    Sub goal #5 – Property no 5 gained by 2028.

    2) A minimum of £10,000/year, or £833.33/month, shall be injected into the property investments.
    Sub goal #1 – 2021 Funds made up from my personal income.
    Sub goal #2 – 2022 Funds made up from personal income & from room share rent.
    Sub goal #3 – 2023 & 2024 Funds made up from personal income, from room share rent and from property No.1
    Sub goal #4 – 2025 Funds made up from personal income and from property No.1 & 2
    Sub goal #5 – 2026 Funds made up from personal income and from property No.1 - 3
    Sub goal #6 – 2027 Funds made up from personal income and from property No.1 - 4
    Sub goal #7 – 2028 Funds made up from personal income and from property No.1 - 5

    3) Each property shall net a monthly profit of £200/month or £2400/year based on conservative calculations/assumptions.

    4) By 2033, a passive income goal for the company shall be £2000/month or £24,000/year.

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  1. Harry, Yeah please send through any documents you have! frank_harry@me.com. I'll be in touch once I've had a read. Thanks Harry! Frank
  2. Matt, Thanks for the message. Can I get your email please and I'll send it over? Frank
  3. Kristen, Yeah that sounds really useful, can you fire it over to frank_harry@me.com? Regards, Frank
  4. @DerekT Evening Derek, yeah that would be great. Please fire it over to frank_harry@me.com when you have a moment! Much appreciated, I’ll catch up with you after a few days once I’ve take a look? Thanks, Frank
  5. @neilmdavies1 Sure, I'll fire it over now. Hope it helps set the data out.
  6. @alan penford Thanks Alan! Its less of a spreadsheet for functional output but more of one simply to present the data in one place. My long term plan is to diversify somewhat between cities, broadening security if a particular area struggles. However, I suppose there is benefits to keeping a portfolio local - is this something you're exercising with success? Totally agree with the average yield idea, I'll add it to the list for an update. Do you know of a website that automates this process or is it a case picking a test batch and working it out manually? Frank
  7. Good evening @damian p, thanks for the feedback. Yes transport links, especially the railway, are somewhat critical in my opinion. I’m looking for a reasonable balance between the two. Although I fully recognise the importance of capital growth, I want to build a portfolio quickly, relatively speaking, which relies on a high cash flow. Looking at the tram route, I see no reason to achieve both by, as you say, selecting a property near the proposed tram line in an area which is struggling. I will bear it in mind! Frank
  8. @Mark Rocks Thanks Mark. The school catchment areas are something I’m aware of. I’ll look to update the sheet by identifying the top schools in the area using the UK stats and hopefully narrow down my preferred investment areas even further. I may even make a high level ranking system for the preferred areas, although, I don’t want to fall into the trap of not buying a property if it’s not “perfect” as I doubt I’ll ever find one in my career.
  9. Morning All, Over the past few weeks I've been touching base with different members of the property hub as well as doing plenty of research on my favoured UK cities and I think it would help me, and potentially other new investors, if I shared a first draft of my Leeds postcode review spread sheet. Although basic, I've done this so that I can visualise the different postcodes in Leeds with key information in hand to build a picture of which areas I would like to invest in. The spreadsheet has been built on my key budget restriction of £120,000 (based on a few more months of deposit saving @ 75% LTV). I have then trawled Rightmove to consider what types of property are on the market/SSC in each postcode. I have then noted some key features within the areas and also unemployment rate. This, to me, has helped me visualise some promising areas that suit my requirements. As I am new to investing, it would be great to get some advise from the forum as to if there're any other aspects of the area's I should be considering? I think the next step for me would be to get out to the the favoured postcodes and start talking to estate agents. Do others agree? Since spreadsheet files are not compatible with the forum I have had to render the sheet which you may have to "save image as" to view. If this doesn't work then I can email the excel spreadsheet directly. Thanks everyone! *Disclaimer* - Other New investors - Although this sheet has been built based on a desktop study, the invest-ability of the postcodes shown are down to my interpretation of the information and opinion so please do your own research.
  10. @Stuart Phillips This is a really interesting read Stuart. I hadn't looked at the service side from that perspective, but I suppose as with any profession as people become more skilled they naturally tend into the more complex tasks/activities which may be outside of the online brokers scope. It's promising to see that the industry is stream lining its technology to make it simpler for the consumer, I'll look forward to that benefit in the future. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind as I move forward.
  11. Thanks @Mark Rocks Looks like the best way forward is to get stuck in with the convocation! Will keep you updated with the progress. Speak soon - Frank
  12. Good Evening All, I'm currently looking for a reliable mortgage broker to assist me with my first Buy to Let in the Yorkshire area. I was wondering what the general consensus is on using online brokers such as L&C? I use L&C for my personal residential mortgage as there is no fee for the user, and they offer Buy to Let services as well. I am the type of person who prefers the 'in person' approach but will this get you much further then online services would? Has anyone got any feedback or input on this? Thanks all - Frank
  13. Hello All, My name is Frank and I’m a 22 year old Engineer based in Harrogate looking to diversify my income by investing in property throughout the UK. My experience in property so far is a ‘flip’ on my first home, bought with a good friend of mine, which we have just sold learning lots of lessons in the process. We’re looking to again flip as equal partners on a larger property in the Harrogate area whilst using it as our primary residence. As an individual, I’m looking to follow the proven strategy of BRRRR purely for investment where I have circa £30,000 of funds to utilise. Although I’m open to other strategies, this one aligns with my available funds and time designation. I have created what I believe to be challenging but achievable goals, which I’m happy to share and receive constructive criticism on if anyone is interested. I’m inclined to invest in properties within the Leeds area as I know the area fairly well and is within a comfortable distance if I have to get more hands on than a typical investor. With an engineering consultancy background I approach problems with logic and calculation, but despite this, I’m a firm believer that a major factor to success is strong mentorship and occasional support. Therefore, I’d appreciate the opportunity to pick the brain of anyone who is experienced in the BRRRR strategy moving forward! I also have firm family contacts amongst trusted tradesmen in the HG postcode area. If anyone is looking for approved institutional tradesmen in this area, please don’t hesitate to ask! All the best to everyone, hopefully we’ll be in touch in the near future. Frank
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