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  1. Cheers will do! The seller is pushing for completion by end of April so fingers crossed it's all smooth sailing from here!
  2. Hi, Thankyou for all your advice. We ended up going in at 133k (costs of works) and after lots of negotiation settled on 138k!
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advice and would be grateful if anyone has any experience with this! We are first time buyers and have offered 146K for a property with an asking price of 140K. We had a building survey completed which included extensive works (22K estimate) and a valuation of 135K. We have received independent quotes for: - Replacement of a gas back boiler -Complete rewiring and new consumer unit to the property - Timber joist replacements and installing a DPC on the ground floor. The total costs of these works are 13K alone. We are thinking
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