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  1. Thanks Sam. Much appreciated
  2. Thanks Sam . Replying late as recovering from corona but much better now. Very useful points raised. The extension will cost from 80-90k and value added will be around 120-125k. You are right that from ROI point of you I won't get the same on a new house. Regarding CGT if a part of primary residence has been used in past for renting, do I still have to pay it even if there are no tennents at the time of sale ?
  3. Thanks Mark. I am happy to wait . I am told that planning permission won't be problem as neighbours have done similar extensions. Due to uncertainty of market I thought rather than sitting on 80k I should get an extension which will start giving me back straightaway in form of rent.
  4. Thanks Mark. You are right. I am fairly new to the area but will try to get some info from neighbours.
  5. HI Everyone I am new to property investment and was wondering how everyone s experience with builders for house extension. Any advice on how to find the right builder , things to look for and things to avoid. I am looking for builders in Luton area. Also is there any resource to find the right team if planning flipping house?
  6. Hi Everyone I am a newbie , British expat living in Qatar. Thanks Property Hub , an excellent resource I found recently. I will appreciate some guidance from experienced fellow here. I own a 3 bed semi in Luton. I have saving of around 80K and now have option to either extend my house and rent the extended part around GBP 1000 pcm or have BTL and aim for capital growth. Any advice will be much appreciated. Regards
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