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  1. Thank you both for the replies. Mark Rocks - I have watched the videos and was thinking of going down the route of repayment mortgages as this is more of an investment for a pension/retirement fund rather than what I can earn monthly out of it. I was thinking North West or North East where these properties seem to be around the 80/90k prices. Julia Urquhart - I completely understand where your coming from. I will defiantly bare this in mind and having a look around, even if I can find something mid-way so its not too far as use to driving around the UK. Thank You
  2. Hello everyone, I am a 32 year old homeowner with a passive income, so have a lot of free time. I have saved up around 100k to invest. I think my main goal would be that these will be my retirement fund. I have no idea about property investing and not sure exactly what route to go down, I am thinking of doing either of the following: 1. Buying 2x 2 bed flat's in Essex for around 180K each and renting out or 2. Buying 4x 2 bed flat's up north for around 90K each Do you think I am right in going down either of these routes? or do you think one route would be be
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