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  1. Hi, (enquiring for my friend). I have recently inherited some monies and would like to purchase 2/3 BTL properties. What is the best way to go about this? Can I purchase 3 at the same time? Would I submit the mortgage application at the same time? I am a first time landlord but not a first time buyer. thank you, Abby
  2. Hi Steve, thank you very much, very helpful. In light of the above, perhaps it is best to look for ‘c’ and if possible ‘b’ rated properties? I had planned the BTL to be long term investments.
  3. Are there any updates about this at all? I’m looking at my first BTL and so many properties are rated ‘c’* or below. Thank you *should have said ‘d’
  4. I’d seek to exchange ASAP; at least that way you would have set a completion date, which should ease the chain’s anxieties.
  5. Hi Jeffers, how did you get on? Did you go ahead with the purchase?
  6. Hi Richard, Well done on the last two refurbishments / purchases I may possibly be interested in investing. Could I see your FB page? Would be interested in seeing your work etc I was / am looking at vanilla BTLs, simply as I don’t have the skills to do a FLIP; but hopefully am in a position to diversity too . Thanks, Abby
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