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  1. Thank you for your response .... we are not looking for him to live there but to rent it out and earn an income from it and maybe build a portfolio. Perhaps the only option is to set up a company and do it that way with my help. I have heard from the likes of Touchstone and Simon Zutshi that they have youngsters making money from property and I am trying to find a way for him to do so.
  2. I am a novice property investor at the ripe old age of 56 and I currently own 2 buy-to-let's and 1 residential property. Seeing an opportunity, I really want my 19 year old son to get into property with my support and start to earn an income and become independent on his own. Sadly, he recently left school and is still unemployed. That said, I am trying to find out about mortgage opportunities for him but he does not own a residential property as he still lives at home. Is this really a no-goer or does anyone have any advice on how to go about this please?
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