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    If you're using the likes of Rightmove, you can search for 'keywords'. There's an option above the first search result to "+ Add keyword", so you can search for phrases like 'need modernisation', 'refurb' etc.
    You can then save the search criteria and set up alerts for when a new property is listed. 
    If you're using Zoopla, you can also search for keywords by clicking on the 'Filters' option after a search, then adding the same keywords. 
    It's a bit hit and miss as it will depend on how good the descriptions are. Rightmove won't filter out those that don't have the keywords in it and will show you whether or not it contains those words. Zoopla will filter out those that don't match the keywords. 
    Other ways might be contacting the local agents in the area you're looking for and registering your details with them, specifying that you're looking for refurb properties. 
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