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  1. I also read The Art of Execution. This book helped me to understand the basics of trading. I am currently engaged in cryptocurrency trading. I want BTC payments to be available to everyone today. It would be very convenient for me. Of course, not everyone wants to do mental calculations, calculating how many dollars in bitcoins a product costs, but I'm okay with arithmetic. For example, I could buy something for a certain amount of winnings on the Internet, which I transfer to cryptocurrency. I believe this is the right way of investing. By the way, I didn't know about Compass, so I'm going to
  2. Development financing is really suffering now. I can't even imagine how it is possible to work normally in the current conditions, to be honest. That's why I'm closing my business. True, we are moving in a slightly different direction, but I still want to share. I had a tough time during the quarantine because of coronavirus, and I had to open the process of selling my business. I almost fooled myself and didn't sell everything like that because of the big taxes, the big rent, and even more so because of the debts. I was already thinking of liquidating the company...but I realized that this co
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